System & software

System & Software

  • ERP Systems
  • Work flow & Portals
  • Mobile Applications
  • Archiving and coding Systems
  • Anti-Viruses Systems
  • Monitoring Equipment’s Systems

ERP Systems

ACRET provides the governmental agencies and firms with consultants, analysis and software relying on ERP systems.

As it works through collecting information and processes from the different administrations of the building, and then unity them in a huge database-depending on accurate data.

ACRET provides ERPB services as follows:

  • Supplying building with consultants relating to its design and planning.
  • Studying and analyzing the building.
  • Establishing the system and database.
  • Connecting the system and install it on the server.
  • Offering training courses on EPR, and preparing its manual use.

Work flow & Portals Systems

ACRET makes use of the modernist software for the benefits of establishing electronic gates. We build integrated electronic gates replying the demands of the building depending on our experienced-professional team in identifying the basic needs of the system.

The main aims of establishing this system is providing the firms employers with the helpful methods for achieving their work in a quicker and easier way, in addition to enabling the administrations to take accurate decisions based on experience and data that are offered by electronic gates. The gate offers the following chances:

  • Offers the following chances,
  • Developing the current services
  • Emphasizing organizations' credibility
  • Organizing the work of administration and clients
  • Saving documents in an easy- accessible way
  • Enhancing and supporting customers services
  • Improving your performance at work.
  • Easy accessing to work and performance reports

Mobile Applications

ACRET applications supports access via- mobile using BlackBerry, I phone, windows mobile, android and many other sets.

As we exploit reliable and easy operated applications which reply the various individuals and firms demands, besides accessing availability to e-mails, calendar, documents and all of the other applications

Archiving and coding systems

ACRET supplies integrated solutions concerning archiving system in order to exchange paper documentation with electronic one and improving building data system- in an appropriate way for following, dealing with, easy-accessing, and saving documents- hence, it grants the organization the safe stoning merit.

Also, the systems introduce various services, each has a special role within computer net relying on fling system that works through developed coding Algorithms Hence, the system manger owns the merit of controlling and watching the whole.

Anti-viruses' systems

we offer all the anti-viruses solutions for all various-operated systems beginning with personal computers till the huge nets and internet gates in addition to firewalls that protect the sets from all security threats, also we provide our clients with the technical supports and licenses that are useful for net protection solutions.

Monitoring Equipment's System: we supply different watching solutions through two main services

Watching software : We developed all kinds of watching applications, registrations and detailed reports of performance

Equipment's of visual Watching: using Network Cameras