Telecommunication systems for towers and  buildings


Telecommunication systems for towers & Buildings

  • FTTX Technology & Services
  • Building Structured Cabling Services
  • Servers & Active Network Services
  • IP Network Consultancy
  • Building system & Security Solutions

FITX Technology & Services

As Fiber Optic is often said to be future proof because the speed of the broadband connection is usually limited by the terminal equipment rather than the fiber itself, permitting at least some speed improvements by equipment upgrades before the fiber itself must be upgraded still, the type and length of employed fibers chosen, e.g. multimode vs singe mode, are critical for applicability for future high gigabit connections.

The Technology of Extending the Fiber Optic from the Telecommunication company Exchanger & up to the user benefit (Telephone, Data & E-vision) became now a day as one of the Fast-growing Technologies specially in Middle East.

The telecommunications industry differentiates between several distinct configurations. The terms in most widespread use today is:

  • FTTN- Fiber to the node to the cabinet
  • FTTC-Fiber
  • FTTP- Fiber to the premises
  • FTTB-Fiber to the building
  • FTTH-Fiber to the home

As Main Contractor to the Main telecommunications companies we used to be one of the leaders & professional implementers for this technology-in Russia and joint venture with one of Moscow leader's companies in this field we have done over 100,000 connections inside homes, villas, Palaces, offices, Towers for both implementing sides (ISP, OSP &DSP) Starting from the Main Exchange through underground manholes for long distances to reach the building cabinet then to the end point at the user premises.

Buildings Structured Cabling Services

Network building administrators keep getting reports that the system is down because of some reasons. With this, current research's and statistical data indicate that in many cases, the system is down due to failure in building infrastructure cabling systems.

Structured cabling is a system that provides a structured & stable approach to the entire Network Performance, as integrated with the active components, this passive system does generate a single-mixed media network that handles all information traffic for voice, data, video, and complex building management and automation systems.

ACRET offers an integrated Global Standard Cabling solutions to the small buildings & High Towers (under constructions already constructed) using various brands and providing the latest technologies in the industry leading to fully integrated intelligent and green building design.

We offer a full range of services to equip the building with data & voice systems, video, high speed internet access and other business generating value added services revenue using the latest building networking technologies

ACRET team of dedicated and experienced planners, designers and project consultants will deliver such solutions and technologies of high quality while following the industry's standards with the best of practices.

Servers & Active Networking Services

ACRET Professional team members of Network Engineers & technicians are committed integrate your network with already well built up infrastructure, as the second main part of Network we design, install, configure & operate the needed active components & servers that will be required to full utilize the made Telecommunication system in the building We can guarantee the optimum operation for stable & secured data transmission in our customer's organization, we do the following systems:

  1. Mountable & Standalone Power full Servers for Network Management & deploy the suitable software to make them database servers, Printing Servers & etc.
  2. Network Switches of various sizes & capacities.
  3. Routers for network Segmenting
  4. Wireless Access Points
  5. Software & Hardware Firewalls for Network Security
  6. Integrate all above devices to generate a powerful Reliable data centers

IP Network Consultancy

ACRET offers various IP network consultancy and engineering services which include:

  • IP Network Design and Planning
  • Signaling Network.
  • Managed VPN Service
  • NMS, OSS, bling, & Application Consultancy.
  • Network Security Consultancy.
  • Design and planning of cutting edge technologies based Around:
  1. Optical Transport (DWDM, Sonet/SDH
  2. Core Network (POS, ATM, FR, IP
  3. VoIP (Soft switch, Voice VPN, IP Centrex, etc.
  4. CDN (Media Streaming).
  5. MPLS (L2/LB VPN, TE)
  • Design and planning of wireless networks.
  • Design and Planning for VOIP, NGN, and Triple-Play
  • Design and Planning of advanced WAN switching and ATM/P-MPLS (TE & VPN core)
  • Metropolitan broadband access design and planning
  • Security consulting and services, including security infrastructure and processes.
  • Network base-Lining services

 Buildings Systems & Security Solutions

ACRET offers full solutions of the below Low Voltage & security systems as elective systems or full package to be provided starting from the client orientation, designing the solution as per the requirement & needs, through supplying the material, Installation that end up with Testing & Commissioning, the above said systems are being implemented in the following industries:

  • Under Construction & constructed buildings
  • Hotels & Residential Towers
  • Commercial Malls & Hypermarkets
  • Hospitals & Schools
  • Police, defense & Government Buildings

  • Closed circuit Television Systems

in doors & outdoors cameras to cover the full building or specific area communicated with cables that managed & monitored remotely with digital video recorders, main uses are Crime prevention and prevalence, Hacking and video art, Industrial processes, Traffic monitoring & Transport safety.

  • SMATV Systems

To communicate up all building flats to unified satellite system, so there will be no need independent connection to separate dish from each flat, as al flats will be supplied with amplified & redistributed signals from the main dish in the roof of the tower, building.

  • Access Control System

We Apply as well this controlling system to the offices sensitive areas to be accessed for security reasons, the various types of uses like finger prints & Magnetic cards gives the system high flexibility & wide application, as it also serves the time attendance control purpose.

  • Audio/ Video Intercom System

As one of the important telecommunications systems for buildings & villas, we communicate up all customer premises with phone system that to be wired directly with the building Entrance, so as to be dialed by the visitor- the system design & installation is simple &

being implemented by our team.

  • Gate Barmier System

We offer& Install various types & brands of Gate Barriers for safe & controlled entry to buildings & parking, our barriers can be designed & installed to receive the input signals tor opening by Cards, remote or underground Sensors, we provide full services of installation and maintenance.

  •  Public Address & Announcement System

A public address or PA system is a combination of a set of audio equipment that allows broadcasts over a designated area Often we install it in schools, office buildings and mosque, PA systems can be used for announcements or emergency information and provide a simple way to get information out quickly PA systems can be basic or advanced, and can be adapted to fit a variety of needs, when it gets the input played sound from CDVDVDM Cassette or Microphone it publishes to public through wining media & sound systems

  •  intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion detection (ID) is a type of security management system or computers and networks. An ID system gathers and analyzes information from various areas within a computer or a network to identify possible security breaches, which include both intrusions attacks from outside the organization) and misuse (attacks from within the organization) ID uses venerability as sometimes referred to as scanning), which is à technology developed to assess the security of computer system or network.

Telecommunication systems for towers & Buildings Services

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  • In Building Solutions
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  • IP CCTV System
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  • IP Public Address System
  • IP TV & VoD Systems
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  • IP Telephony and Fax services
  • Data And Internet connectivity
  • IP Hotel Lock System
  • IP Utility Metering system
  • IP Car Parking System
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  • UVSS System
  • Physical Security System
  • ANPR Automobile Number Plate Reorganization
  • Radar System
  • UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Structural Cabling System
  • Fire alarm
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  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization
  • Storage Solutions
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  • Business continuity and Disaster Recovery
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  • Data center Critical Physical Infrastructure Solutions