Web services applications

Web Services Applications

  • SITES and portal
  • Hosting and domain names
  • Content management
  • Social net
  • Marketing solutions

Site and Portals

Site Programming 

ACRET invests the best and modernist technical programming system. As our programs designation are compatible with our clients' real demands in addition to developing a control panel specified for managing contents including all the elements of the web site


ACRET is one of the most brilliant firms that establish electronic gates systems we offer several privileged services. The advanced management of the site members whether they are employers, or visitors- and Managing and controlling the gate's membership. Electronic gates are more organized than sites as it provides integrated services that makes it easy to access to the most important topics that interest visitors

Developing and maintain site

One of the most prominent features of ACRET is the sites continual development and refreshment of their systems and software in compatibly with the wordy technical revolution We improve our sites designs regularly that we introduce our sites in a new style, colors and with the best suitable solutions for site programming and used language.

Security System

ACRET supplies the best protection for files and contents programming and designing sites with the help of secure permissions, besides providing complete examination for the sites to make sure of their clearness from any spying files to save the important data which are stored on computer sets against any run or damage

 Interactive Site:

ACRET seeks the management of software, internet electronic sites and social net in an integrative way.  As they are considered the most important elements in modern media because of their fast-informational transmission to the largest numbers of visitor

Electronic magazines:

The electronic magazine exploits informational technology in all of its topics, and introducing the magazine in an electronic form concerning its information types, accessing to its topics, electronic features.

Hosting and Domain Names

international and local domain names:

ACRET provides the service of booking international and local domain names on the net web using your own formal data.

Hasting sites around the world:

There is no use of designing sites without hosting them on the internet webs which enable every user around the world to benefit from them. We can host your sites through high-speed and performance servers to ensure your existence on the net web during the twenty-four-hours daily, during the whole week and with an annual presence.

Hosting special servers:

ACRET enables you to improve your work through special server's services, that is the most suitable one to the sites or applications, that needs a large storage area and data transferring rate that replies all the needs of increasing visitor's numbers. This service is explosive Within ACRET.

Managing Site Content 

ACRET provides management of sites contents through servers that grant users the merit of controlling the contents and properties of the sites without the need for a great acquaintance with sites software or designation. Also, it can be connected with email list and the other applications, and here are some of sites management elements:

  • Modifying the advanced texts easily.
  • Depending on multi-managers and supervisors
  • Advanced sites research
  • Managing search process and forming pages

Site Activating and advertising 

ACRET provides advanced mechanisms to activate and prepare sites to work through servers and advertising them with the help of newspapers and the other traditional methods. Also, we can announce for the sites with the help of electronic marketing, through inserting advertisements and articles in the other sites to increase its popularity and spread

 Supporting social nets:

ACRET supports sites with software that connecting them with social nets which became the main source for all of modern information, not only for marketing and advertising purposes, but also for supporting firms' ideas and obtaining new services

Social Nets

ACRET offers electronic sites management services investing internet web. We interact and connect building site to social sites, which is considered an important media and social communication way. Also, it plays an impressive role in decision making at the level of world events, whether economically, politically or socially, And the following are the most famous social nets:

Facebook and Twitter

  • Being a member in Facebook and twitter sites in a professional way
  • Creating marketing groups and pages and advertising them book sites.
  • Making marketing use of the side its of Twitter and Facebook site.
  • Advertising products through Facebook with the lost cost and highest spread and appearance.


  • Joining you tube site
  • Establishing a charnel on YouTube site
  • Creating a professional video and introducing it through your own channel with an acknowledging with marketing methods

ITC Live

  • Joining ITC Live site
  • Establishing ITQ Live system on your site
  • Downloading Video. Lectures and conferences
  • Displaying a building's channel through ITC Live
  • Creating an integrated channel for the building using ITC live systems.

Marketing solutions

Electronic Marketing

ACRET offers its clients al kinds of electronic marketing services through internet webs. As we exploit the best management methods concerning advertising process in order to be in contact with the largest numbers of our customers

Marketing Campaigns

ACRET supplies several electronic marketing campaigns such as:

  • Advertising by e mails
  • Advertising through banners
  • Advertising on Google sites & and Adkois
  • Increasing the numbers of site visitors
  • Advertising with the help of SMSs
  • Making use of advertising profiles

Improving Presence on Servers: 

ACRET provides sites, visitors with the important services to improve accessing process, for the benefit of the clients who desire to fulfill high status amongst the server's classifications.